Yin yoga supports our feminine powers by allowing us to rest well. Getting adequate rest helps us to capture the essence of our true selves that we manifest.

When practicing yin yoga, we learn to remind ourselves:

  • How am I feeling right now?
  • Could I take some rest now?
  • I’m tired. I’m stressed out. BREATHE and LET GO!

The deep stretches in yin yoga are designed to allow us to bear witness to the level of stress and discomfort that resides within us. Sitting still and breathing mindfully, not pushing the feeling or sensation away, is the next step into understanding any physical or mental struggles that may exist.

Yin yoga is a quiet form of yoga practice that encourages us to take time off to rejuvenate, reenergise, reconnect and acknowledge what we might have overlooked as we became busy and preoccupied with other things.

You will learn to:

  • Surrender and humbly accept that you are tired and you deserve a break.
  • Trust your body for the answers to your needs and struggles.
  • Love yourself if you have forgotten.