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The Goddess of Never Not Broken

You know how it feels when your world collapses on you, you’ve lost the person closest to you, all credit from your hard work and effort is stolen from you, you are blamed for doing the right thing and anything and everything that bring the dark clouds cause you so much pain and misery. And you think, why me? This is so unfair and I do not deserve this.

After many years, I finally got it. It was meant to happen, for the good and only for the right intention and purpose. I was meant to be broken and hopefully, be able to be free from the vicious cycle. The unpleasantness happened again and again until I learned the true meaning of each encounter.

It was painful and unbearable. It was dark and evil. It was real and I was living it for years.

Today, I am free from most of my past stories of unworthiness. I AM worthy and I am living my purpose with full awareness of my capabilities and will power.

There is a story of a Hindu goddess, Skhilandeshvari, who is known as “She who is never not broken”. She is the warrior of love, light and hope, not shadows of fear and darkness. Her broken pieces are constantly evolving and manifesting to create beautiful possibilities and foster loving kindness and wisdom.

The brokenness tears apart the emotional suffering and pulls out the screaming soul that is trapped within. The brokenness breaks free from the toxicity and stagnation in your cells and returns the healthy functioning of your body’s system. The brokenness is the opportunity to live your truth and be proud of who you stand for from within. You feel it! You hear it! Now, you can live it with ease and best of all, Joy, Love and Peace will follow.

Time of breaking is time of struggling and the only way out is making the decision to be free. Everyone is given the same opportunity but not everyone is able to embrace that journey. It is not easy. It might mean more pain and dark moments. Have faith and trust that the best is yet to come and is waiting on the other side of the brokenness.

You might have noticed that we are constantly in the process of breaking and patching up to be whole again. What we have not acknowledged, maybe, just maybe, is the light that shines through the cracks. We might be rushing to seal the cracks up too quickly before the light is able to break free from the prison cell of the body and mind.

If you allow, do not rush in to seal it. Instead, sit with it, and wait for the light that’s meant to break you free from the darkness. Be kind, understanding, loving, and forgiving towards yourself. The breaking is for you to find the path home to Joy, Love and Peace. At every step along the journey of discovery, be patient and give yourself time.

I felt emotionally attached to this image. I see what I can possibly BE and I trust that breaking free is where my truth exists. It evolves every time I give myself the permission to witness the golden light that shines brightly through me. I am sharing that light with you now.

May the light in you shine far and beyond.
May the light in you bring hope and peace.
May the light in me, honour the greatness in you.