Your body urgently needs some rest but your mind is saying otherwise. Stretch safely and mindfully to release tension and tiredness locked in those layers of muscles. Breathe into your belly to calm your brain to get some well-deserved rest. Yin yoga invites the overly active mind and body to arrive at a place of serenity and peace through attentive breathing techniques.

When practicing Yin yoga, we learn to remind ourselves:

  • To check in on how we are feeling at the present moment.
  • To breathe in order to rest and get in touch with the sensation and rhythm of our breath.
  • To surrender willingly to the tightness and limitation we feel within ourselves.
  • To allow our minds and bodies to rest.
  • To trust our bodies for answers we seek.
  • To fall in love with ourselves again if we have forgotten.

The deep stretches in Yin yoga are designed to allow us to bear witness to the level of stress and discomfort that reside within us. Sitting still and breathing mindfully, not pushing the feeling or sensation away, is the next step into understanding any physical or mental struggle that may exist.

Yin yoga is a quiet form of yoga practice that encourages us to take time off to rejuvenate, re-energize, reconnect and reacknowledge what we might have overlooked as we become busy and preoccupied with other things.