Yin Yoga

Couples/Individual Yin Yoga Class | 60 Minutes

When practicing Yin yoga, we learn to remind ourselves:

  • To check in on how we are feeling at the present moment.
  • To breathe in order to rest and get in touch with the sensation and rhythm of our breath.
  • To surrender willingly to the tightness and limitation we feel within ourselves.
  • To allow our minds and bodies to rest.
  • To trust our bodies for answers we seek.
  • To fall in love with ourselves again if we have forgotten.

Note: These classes are held in person.

Yogo Therapy for Schools

Yoga For Special Needs Children Class | 60 Minutes

This session caters to meet individuals’ desires and goals.

Yoga therapists and caregivers come to an agreement on goals setting which supports the NDIS participant’s plan if needed. Integrating yoga activities, story-showing, colour, music and songs, to teach the skills of expressing emotion in healthier ways.

Using yoga postures to build fine motor skills and muscles coordination, movements and strengths with the help of yoga kits like yoga postures images/pictures, visualization and affirmations.

Yin Yoga

Group Yin Yoga Class | 75 Minutes

My group classes incorporate the following:

  • Breathing techniques.
  • Reflecting on the state of mind and body.
  • Being present and staying in touch with the sensation of the stretches.
  • Staying comfortable and not extending beyond one’s limit.
  • Encouraging students to feel and acknowledge the need to let go of what is holding the mind and body back from resting and relaxing.
  • Nurture the need to accept and forgive what is beyond their ability to change.

Class schedule: Wednesday: 7:00pm – 8:15pm (AEST) via ZOOM