Eleen Yaw


My dream is to simply empower a world of individuals to embrace and love themselves, from their physical outlook right through to their highest spiritual acknowledgement.

Despite our imperfections, we are ready to be the light for others. We take pride in the roles we engage, deliver them with sincerity, honesty, integrity, loving kindness, gratitude and warm gentle touches to those vulnerable and less fortunate than ourselves.

We are warrior angels who protect and safeguard our future generations by leading lives that are full of goodness and peace. We honour the invisible inner strength and dignity that we possess.


I’m a mum to two teenagers. I love my role as a full time mum. My most precious memories are those shared with them. We have shared our best moments, and our worst times, together for the past 19 years.

I started my yoga teaching business, Yin Latte Yoga (today, known as Healing Breath Yoga) two years ago. Prior to that, I had eight years of teaching experience in gyms and yoga studios.

My initial reason for practicing yoga was to learn and understand the ancient art of yoga, rather than to teach it. It was an unexpected remark from a new teacher I met during a yoga conference that led me to become a yoga instructor. She gently reminded me that the best gift I could give to others, as a long time practitioner of yoga, would be to share the knowledge I had received from it. I felt guilty for keeping it to myself and compelled to impart my love of yoga to others.

Running my own yoga business means that most of my time is spent planning and executing business strategies, running home classes and meeting new people to share with them what my business is all about. Despite my busy schedule, it is a privilege to do what I love and feel passionate about. As life gets busy and full, I prioritise my tasks for the day in a generous way to allow for a few breathers in between. I take care of my stress. It is about accepting and loving myself first, not telling myself, ‘I should be this way or that way …’. Even though I will still make silly choices or mistakes, it is okay; I am okay; I am more than okay.

We do not know everything. We learn as we move on. I believe if you can be a better version of yourself today compared to yesterday, it is a cause for celebration.

Eleen Yaw
Eleen Yaw


I have a lesson to share with you that has helped me so much in my own life. It does not matter whether you are a full time working mum or a stay-at-home mum, business entrepreneur, career woman, leader or healer; just remember to make time for yourself. It is best if you can be alone occasionally to get your head straight. No matter who you are and what you spend your time doing, you will find making time for yourself to be very beneficial.

We are achievers and we are always wanting to do more. It is so easy for us to forget that we, ourselves, are more important than the agenda we have in our to-do list. No matter how insignificant you might think it is to slow down and refocus on what your needs are, remember you owe that to yourself because if you do not care, nobody will.

Remember that you live your life and no one else’s. No one is better at being you than you. You have your own goals and desires – work on those. Embrace life’s directions and the choices you makes along the way. Celebrate everything that has happened, even the greatest of defeats. Remove your judgemental mind and give grace to your moments of incompetence. Be patient and kind, as peacefulness in the heart brings more joy and contentment … these are the golden nuggets of the soul.